SINCE 1998, RESOURCE GENERATION (RG) HAS ENGAGED OVER 2,200 YOUNG PEOPLE WITH WEALTH ACROSS THE U.S. For the last year and a half, our board and staff have worked together, in consultation with our broader community, to come up with a new mission and vision that captures our current work and the current political moment, while setting us on a clearer path towards the world we all want and need. We are proud to share it with you below!



WHO WE ARE. Resource Generation organizes a multi-racial constituency of young people with inherited, earned, or future wealth who are committed to working for a just world. The broader Resource Generation community includes people of all ages and class backgrounds who support the role that young people with wealth play in social change. Our cross-class allies participate as board members, trainers, and organizational partners.



HOW WE DO IT. The work of Resource Generation is rooted in building strong relationships and community among constituents and allies. Resource Generation focuses on developing leaders through story telling, peer-led learning and action, and supports members to engage in collective action through local chapters, national campaigns, innovative funding models and in their family's philanthropy. Resource Generation works in cross-class alliances with racial and economic justice partners and movement building organizations.