Mission, Vision, Values

Resource Generation organizes young people with financial wealth to leverage resources and privilege for social change.

Since 1998, Resource Generation (RG) has engaged over 1,800 young people with wealth across the U.S. Through community building, education and organizing, we help young people with wealth bring all they have and all they are to the social change movements and issues they care about. We organize to transform philanthropy, policy, and institutions, and leverage our collective power to make lasting structural change.


Resource Generation envisions thousands of young people with wealth across the country engaged in vital social change movements.

We are teachers, lawyers, grassroots organizers, doctors, students, and foundation trustees. We have inherited wealth and earned wealth. We are white, black, brown, queer, transgender and straight. We bring our time, talent and treasure to work for immigrant rights and affordable health care. We influence how foundations work, affect progressive tax policy and work to decrease wealth inequality.


  • We need everyone. It takes everyone's perspective, experiences, resources and creativity to make change.
  • In everything we do, we are committed to sharing wealth, access and power.
  • We believe in the power of organizing. We can do more together than we can ever do alone.
  • It’s our turn! Young people have been and will always be on the forefront of social change.

I am RG

If you are interested in reading some member stories or seeing a short video of some of the work RG has done visit the I am RG page, where members share their RG experiences, and give examples of they have benefitted from their participation in RG.