Staff & Board


Jessie SpectorExecutive Director

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Jessie Spector has worked at Resource Generation since graduating from Wesleyan University in 2008. Over the past 5+ years, Jessie has played a variety of roles at RG including office manager, chapter organizing, developing the campaign for tax justice, and facilitating East and West coast leadership trainings in her role as Program Director. As an activist and  donor, Jessie participates in several innovative cross-class models of wealth redistribution: the Criminal Justice Initiative, a circle of donors and activists who use consensus to fund the transformation of the criminal justice system in the US, and the Solidarity Family of POOR Magazine, a cohort of young people with wealth learning from and fundraising for POOR and the project of Homefulness, a permanent and sustainable pilot model of co-housing for homeless people. Jessie is constantly inspired by the power of organizing within her own community of young people with wealth and class privilege in partnership with people working for justice from all class backgrounds. She is in particular awe of the personal and familial deepening she has experienced and gets to witness within the RG community. When not at work you will find Jessie riding her bike, watching House of Cards, baking rosemary bread, or boogying on the dance floor.

Michael Gast, Associate Director

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Michael Gast is the associate director of Resource Generation (RG). Mike has been involved with Resource Generation since 2002, when he attended his very first RG program, the Making Money Make Change Retreat. Over his many years with RG, Mike has become an experienced social change philanthropist, donor organizer and fundraiser. He co-coordinated the Movement Generation Support Committee, a donor circle supporting young progressive leaders in the Bay Area, and has led multiple young donor delegations to events such as the U.S. Social Forum and multiple Council on Foundations conferences. Over the last ten years, Mike has organized hundreds of young people with wealth and young family foundation trustees to move from isolation to action, in support of movements for social change. He is a talented facilitator and educator with years of experience leading programs, workshops and trainings on topics from environmental justice to creating a giving plan. Mike lives in Oakland, loves the Seattle Quake Rugby Football Club, and is a graduate of Vassar College.

Nitika Raj, Director of National Organizing & Racial Justice

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Nitika Raj first became politicized as a survivor and anti-violence activist, working on sexual and domestic violence prevention through community organizing. She has worked at Chaya, a South Asian domestic violence advocacy organization, and at ChangeLab, a grassroots political lab working on racial justice. She is a former board member of Trikone Northwest, and current board member of the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice. She got involved with Resource Generation in Seattle through Social Justice Fund Northwest’s very first giving project in 2010: a next generation cohort of donor activists. She went on to join a Resource Generation praxis group, then the RG-Seattle chapter leadership team, finally coming onto staff in 2012 as a national organizer mobilizing young people of color with wealth. Nitika is passionate about working at the intersection of structural racism and economic injustice, with the goal of achieving equity and collective prosperity. Her redistribution of resources supports the transformation and self-determination of women and LGBTQ communities of color, arts, healing, anti-violence, and movement building in the U.S. and globally. Nitika does social justice work for the same reason she prays – to seek truth and build peace. Born in India and raised in Kuwait and the U.S., she has a transnational heart and family. Currently, you can find her in Brooklyn making chai, chatting with friends, or reading a great book. 

Contact me about organizing people of color with wealth, starting an affinity based praxis group, In Our Image (an upcoming book for young people of color with wealth who believe in social change), or about potential partnerships for moving resources.

Sarah Abbott, Director of National Organizing 

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Sarah Abbott is the Director of National Organizer for Resource Generation. Sarah has been involved with RG since 2009, when in her senior year at Wesleyan University she first attended the Making Money Make Change conference. She is a founding member of the Hummingbird Collective, a cross-class giving project that supports grassroots migrant justice organizing in Arizona. She has also been an RG chapter leader in Minneapolis. Sarah is passionate about developing the ability of young people with wealth to fully align their skills and resources with the social movements they believe in. As a donor, Sarah is committed to supporting grassroots organizing that builds power in communities most affected by injustice. She is a midwesterner at heart and by choice, raised in small-town Minnesota and currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. When she's not organizing, you'll find Sarah aerobicizing at her local YWCA or breaking it down on the dance floor.

Contact me If you want to get involved in Resource Generation and live in one of our chapter cities.

Zara Chaudary, Operations Manager

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Zara Chaudary joined RG in March of 2012, bringing with her boundless amounts of energy and idealism. Although she is pre-med, as an undergraduate at Columbia University she studied Anthropology and Women's Studies with the hopes of better understanding the complicated cross-cultural definition of woman. Along the way, she was joyfully immersed into the non-profit world through Jumpstart and City Year, both of which focused on the educational disparity within the US. After 5 years of educationally-focused non-profit work, Zara wanted to switch gears to be more involved in the larger social change movement happening today. She is the epitome of a New Yorker, living every day to truly discover what the limits of multi-tasking can be. Zara's zest for life comes in handy as she is a Zumba instructor who, when not happily alphabetizing and numerically coordinating vast amounts of spreadsheets, can be found choreographing new dances on the subway. She hopes to return to medical school in the future to continue her life mission of positively impacting lives of others.

Contact me if you would like further information about Resource Generation and how you can support us in the work we do.


Tiffany Ann Brown, Retreat Director 

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Tiffany Ann Brown joined the Resource Generation team in late 2012 as the new Making Money Make Change Retreat Director, after having an organizational crush on RG since 2003.  From 2002 – 2010 Tiffany coordinated dozens of events for young leaders (ages 18-35), nationally and internationally.   One key program actually began as a partnership with RG and worked with young people with exceptional wealth or fame to leverage their privilege for social change.  She spent years inspired by a community of activists, and decided to take a break from the “sector” to focus on urban homesteading and music.  During this time Tiffany made everything from sausage to lard soap, canned, preserved and crafted.  She also spent a year DJing at a San Francisco bar, hosting a weekly jazz night called No Room For Squares (all vinyl, all the time!).  In addition, she expanded her event-planning portfolio through organizing events on reproductive rights, a wedding and a string of urban homesteading events that merged music and local food called Down Homes Style.  Now Tiffany happily splits her time between RG and making yogurt, having learned that life is about striking a delicate and loving balance of being out in the world and cultivating rich systems that support a relationship to home.  

Contact me about our national retreats! 

Isaac Lev Szmonko, Campaign Organizer

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Isaac Lev Szmonko is the Campaign Organizer for Resource Generation.  Isaac Lev grew up in Waltham, Massachusetts, went to school at Wesleyan University, and has lived in Oakland since 2008.  Most of his campaign experience comes from his work with Critical Resistance, an organization that works to end the use of imprisonment, surveillance, and policing to address social, economic, and political problems.   When he is not fighting to tax the rich and abolish the prison industrial complex, Isaac can often be found writing poetry, singing, reading fantasy novels, or frolicking outdoors. 

Contact me about getting involved in RG's campaign work!

Colette Henderson, Membership Associate

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Originally from Washington State, Colette Henderson has spent the last ten years down South in lovely Louisville, KY. She  received her undergraduate degree from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana and later a Masters in Social Work from University of Louisville. At the University of Louisville, she developed an interest in building grassroots power after her first year practicum in mental health. Observing that most clients were given less than adequate resources to succeed, she felt larger systemic change was needed to strengthen and improve our communities.  She worked five years as a grassroots organizer with Kentuckians For The Commonwealth where she developed a love for membership recruitment and grassroots fundraising. She shifted to Development in 2012 where she was one of two staff developing, supporting, and orchestrating a statewide fundraising and membership recruitment strategy. In her free time, Colette is seeking out the next bite, preparing creative cuisine with friends, traveling to strange new worlds, and indulging in playful mischief. She shares her home with her partner Drew and her spoiled dogs Gracie and Musket. 

Contact me about joining RG or helping build a strong base of RG members!

Emil Paddison, National Organizer

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Emil has been involved in Resource Generation since 2010. She has been in five Praxis groups and on the Seattle leadership team for over two years. A Pacific Northwest native, Emil has spent the last 10 years working for housing justice as community organizer, tenant counselor, deputy director, and grantwriter for the Tenants Union of Washington State. She is also a core volunteer ally at Zenyu Healing, an organization supporting the holistic and spiritual health, wellbeing, and leadership of queer people of color in Seattle. Emil is training in generative somatics to support personal and social transformation and healing through embodied leadership. Emil loves to sing, write, and play music and performs in the band The Nature, whose music is best described as queer musical melodrama. She is working from Seattle as RG’s new National Organizer, and thrilled to be supporting amazing chapter leaders across the country grow and deepen in their work with RG toward powerful leadership for collective action.

Contact me if you live in one of our chapter cities and want to get involved in Resource Generation!

National Board of Advisors

  • Walter Barrientos (co-chair), Make the Road New York
  • Jen Willsea (co-chair),Interaction Institute for Social Change
  • Lori ChoiVeris Wealth Partners
  • Heather DavisRegistered Nurse
  • Ian Fuller, Westfuller Advisors
  • Ashley Horan
  • Irene KaoTides Foundation
  • Virginia Leavell
  • Braeden Lentz, The Urban Justice Center
  • Nakisha Lewis
  • Nicole Lewis
  • Mario Lugay, The New American Leaders Project & The Mitchell Kapor Foundation
  • Katrina SchafferLexington School of the Deaf, and Filmmaker
  • Zeke SpierSocial Justice Fund NW
  • Liz Sullivan


Alex Miller

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Alex is a recent graduate of Skidmore College where he received a B.A. in Government. Since graduating Alex has held an internship at another New York City non-profit as an Organizing and Advocacy Intern and has been working at a restaurant in DUMBO. As a fellow at RG Alex will be assisting the Associate Director with development and communications duties as well as other operational and administrative tasks. Alex is an avid cook and rabid fan of the English club Arsenal FC.

Jenna Spagnolo

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Jenna Spagnolo is a lifelong student, artist, and activist. Before joining Resource Generation's team, she has been involved in environmental justice work, bicycle advocacy, and fundraising. She is currently writing and drawing a graphic novel about class.