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Here are some resources from RG and beyond, free for download!


Classified:  How to stop hiding your privilege and use it for social change

Authored by Karen Pittleman and the Resource Generation team. Every Chapter is available for download for free from RG.



Trading Power

Co-published by Resource Generation, Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP), 21/64, and Council on Foundations. Eighteen Interviews with philanthropic leaders who talk about what the next generation has to offer in exchange for what seasoned leaders can provide.

Download Trading Power


 Creating Change Through Family Philanthropy

Authored by Alison Goldberg, Karen Pittelman, and Resource Generation. Many families are looking for ways to engage the 'next generation' in philanthropy.  Creating Change Through Family Philanthropy gives young people the tools they need to not just participate but help transform the field itself.  Complete with personal stories and exercises, the guide is also an essential resource for anyone who works with families with wealth.

Download Creating Change Through Family Philanthropy 

Social Change Philanthropy 101

Resource Generation's basic information sheet on the tenets and history of social change philanthropy.





Member Challenge

Becoming an RG member not only means investing in RG and getting access to great resources and events, it also means leveraging privilege for social change. All members are encouraged to pick 4 actions from the list of 50 below to do in the next year. You are probably already doing many of the actions on the list! The Member Challenge is one more tool for us to let each other, and the world, know about the inspiring ways we’re creating change.

Download the Member Challenge

Class Privilege Side-Effect Cards

The idea that being wealthy equals being the smartest, hardest-working, and most deserving can have some pretty strange effects on our lives. This happens so often that no matter how cool and down-to-earth we are, it can end up seeping into our brains and influencing the way we act. At RG we like to call this the side-effects of class privilege.  The Side Effects go deep.  They actually change the way we act and relate to people.  Luckily we have the power to counteract their efforts and change the way we act, but we need to be able to recognize what they look like.  Learning to laugh at them doesn't hurt either.  So here are a few of the most common Side Effects, in a handy card format.

Download the Class Privilege Side-effect Cards

Download the Side Effects as they originally appeared in the RG publication Classified

Money Myths

Download RG's 3 Money Myth posters: Benefactrodite, Bootstrapolis, and Worcules.





Resources co-published by Resource Generation and 21/64 for young people involved in philanthropy.

  • Resources for Young People in Philanthropy, 2010. A list of organizations, programs, and publication for young people involved in philanthropy.
  • 52 Ways to Take Action. Topics include personal/family, governance, investments, grantmaking, education and advocacy.
  • Glossary of Terms. You are not imagining it--the field of philanthropy is full of lingo and acronyms and tax-related terms. We have compiled this glossary from definitions provided by the Donors Forum of Chicago, The Foundation Center and included a few of our own.

Other Resources